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  1. What is a sales tax identification number (UID) or sales tax identification number?
  2. Collective shipment
  3. What payment options are available?
  4. How quickly can NOVODENT deliver?

What is a sales tax identification number (UID) or sales tax identification number?

The VAT identification number (abbreviated: USt-IdNr. in Germany[Note 1] or UID in Austria) is a unique identification of a legal entity that participates in the turnover tax-related trade in goods or services in the European Union (EU).

The VAT identification number is used to process intra-Community trade in goods and services for VAT purposes. It is therefore required by every entrepreneur who within the territory of the European Union 

A delivery to another EU country is exempt from VAT (tax-free intra-Community delivery) if the object of the delivery reaches another EU country and the delivery is made to a trader in the VAT sense for his business. The entrepreneurial status of the recipient of the supply can be verified with the help of the VAT identification number. This country of destination principle shifts taxation by way of intra-Community acquisition to the recipient country.

In the case of services (other services) to entrepreneurs in the EU, it is possible to shift the place of taxation to the EU Member State that issued the VAT identification number used by the service recipient by using a VAT identification number if further conditions are met. The recipient of the service must pay tax there by way of the so-called reverse charge procedure.

Collective shipment

In the case of a consolidated shipment, parcels are consolidated and delivered once, duty and VAT paid. Free of VAT (except in Austria with 20% VAT). NOVODENT assumes the customs clearance costs in full. In order to be able to send your order, a UstID (value added tax identification) number is required.

What payment options are available?

At NOVODENT you automatically order on account and can pay within 15 days. Advance payment invoices may be required after a bad credit rating.

How quickly can NOVODENT deliver?

As a manufacturer, NOVODENT almost always has all products in stock and can ship them on the same day. The exception to this are the groupage shipments, which are carried out once every 7-14 days.